Here at Ivy Trail Events we love to offer you a range of hands on workshops with experienced floral designer Catherine Speirs. Each workshop has been carefully designed to offer you the best possible experience. They are all hands on and intereactive, affordable, and give you something beautiful to take home that you have created yourself - All whilst giving a little insight into the world of floristy we love so much!

All prices include travel to anywhere within the Hakesbury region of Western Sydney. We are also more than happy to travel farther afeild, and our travel fees are resonably priced.

Throughout the year we also offer community based workshops in the local community centres. Keep an eye out for details of these as they come up, as tickets are limited. They're always a lot of fun and a great chance to meet other locals, and give you a chance to be a part of it all without having to get a group of your friends large enough together to meet our minimum numbers.

"So I was at a flower crown party. SO GREAT! Catherine is friendly and helpful and a good laugh too. Her flowers are awesome quality and making flower crowns was so much fun! Would so go to another, thank you!" - Laura, August 2017

"Thanks Catherine, the wreath making was fun and relaxed. Beautiful choice of green sprigs, holly, wheat, proteas and Geraldton wax mixed with skilled advice" - Vivienne, Christmas Wreath Workshop, December 2017