FAQ #1: "Do you do weddings outside of the Hawkesbury?"

A: Yes, absolutely! Although we are Hawkesbury based we love to travel to new locations and discover hidden gems. And I have to admit that I have a personal soft spot for elopements and destination weddings - I had my own wedding as a weekend away in the Hunter Valley and loved every second of it!

Travel fees are determined by distance, and very affordable. Send us through an enquiry today for a personalised quote.

FAQ #2: "How much of my wedding budget should I dedicate for flowers?"

A: Every couple and wedding are completely unique, meaning so is the answer to this question. However, as a guide, most couples will dedicate 10% of their total wedding budget to the flowers.

Depending on your personality and the size and theme of your wedding you may wish to dedicate more, or less of your budget. Keep in mind that the bridal party flowers, particularly the bridal bouquet, pull together the whole look of the hair, makeup and dress, and are going to be in the majority of the photos, so I would definitely be spending that bit of extra money to get exactly what you want. If you wish to cut costs to suit your budget, consider minimizing extra decorating items such as table centrepieces, signage florals, chapel pieces etc.

FAQ #3: "Why are wedding flowers more expensive than everyday flowers?"

A: It’s a common misconception that this is due to a ‘wedding tax’ which florists charge on top of the normal price, however this simply isn’t true. Flowers eat up a larger part of your budget because of the many hours we put into them. Unlike more basic events or everyday flowers, brides tend to be very focused on the complex details of their bouquets, leading to more hours spent making them flawless. Between speaking with the bride, researching specific flowers and styles and planning the florals, and actually executing the plan, we invest a ton of time bringing the your floral vision to life. We understand that every aspect of your wedding day needs to be perfect, and we ensure that the flowers you receive on your special day are everything you ever dreamed they could be. If you think about it, you’re really hiring a professional to create a custom art for you - and in most cases, multiple pieces.

FAQ #4: "How do I book in a consultation with you?"

A: It’s super easy, just send us an email or a message letting us know you’re keen and we’ll organize a suitable time to meet. Consultations are at no extra cost, and usually held in a local cafe over fresh coffee as it creates such a lovely relaxed atmosphere. All you need to bring is a rough list of the items you would like, and inspiration photographs on the style you’re after. If you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all the different options, don’t worry we’re here to guide you! We’ll come armed with ideas and inspiration to help point you in the right direction.

FAQ #5: "How do I go about getting a personalised quote?"

A: We’d love to provide you with a personalised quote, and there’s two ways you can go about it; If you know exactly what you’re after and have inspiration pictures for the colour and style, you can just send us through an email with those pictures and a list of the items you would like, and we’ll provide you with a quote from there. Alternatively you can book in a consultation with us to discuss your flowers in person, and following your consultation we will provide you with a comprehensive quote within 48hrs.

Please note that wedding flowers can vary so greatly that we cannot provide you with a quote until we understand the details, style, colours, etc. of what you would like. If you send through an email with just a list of the items you are after and no description or inspiration photographs, we will be unable to quote until you provide us with more information; and the more information and details you provide the better, as it helps us gain an accurate vision for your special day!

FAQ #5: "I’m ready to book in and secure my date with you - how do I do this?"

A: Just let us know you’re ready to book in and we’ll send you through the appropriate information. It’s just a $100 retainer for orders under $2000, or 25% of your total for anything over $2000 (this will later be deducted from your totals), and we also have a short contract which needs to be signed and returned along with your deposit. Nothing crazy, just a couple of details to make sure we’re both on the same page with everything. Please note that your booking is not final until both the signed contract and retainer have been returned. Once they are, your date is secure and we are officially yours for the day! You can still add or change items on your order as much as you need to, up until 2 weeks prior to your wedding date, at which point your total comes due and we will place your order with the growers.

FAQ #7: "How far in advance do I need to book my wedding flowers?"

A: We recommend you book your wedding flowers somewhere between 12-6 months prior to your wedding date, as we’re more likely to have your date available, and this will also give us plenty of time to discuss ideas with you and get exactly what you're after. However, don't panic if you're planning a wedding in less than 6 months, or just plain running out of time; as long as we have enough time to order your blooms with the growers we can make it happen for you!

FAQ #8: "Do you accept card payments?"

A: Yes we sure do. We use a secure system called Square Up to process card payments, which is similar to Paypal just more modern. We also accept direct bank transfers if this is your preferred method of payment. Just let us know and we can provide you with our bank details.

FAQ #9: "Do you deliver the wedding flowers to me on the day?"

A: Absolutely we do! Your flowers will arrive packaged up and ready to go on the morning of your wedding, along with a care sheet with information on caring for and getting the most out of your wedding flowers. We pride ourselves on making the whole journey from initial consultation right up until the big day itself, as easy and hassle free as possible so you can just relax and enjoy it all with the confidence to leave it in our capable and experienced hands.

We include delivery to one location within the Hawkesbury in our pricing. Additional delivery locations can be arranged (eg. Buttonholes delivered to Groom's house) for a small delivery fee. Out of area deliveries have a small delivery fee based on distance.