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The Florst: Catherine Speirs

Meet The Florist

Catherine Speirs

Within the studio of Ivy Trail Events you’ll find our dedicated and creative floral designer, Catherine Speirs. Catherine is an experienced and qualified florist who loves to use her creativity and passion for flowers, along with her wealth of knowledge and experience, to make any event, wedding or workshop completely unforgettable. She loves to style with a fresh natural and organic feel, and simply adores anything bohemian inspired. Her aim is to create beautiful designs which bring you joy and create an atmosphere of natural beauty and elegance, both on the day and in the photographs which will be treasured for years to come.

Catherine has an easy going and warm personality and a genuine love for people which makes her really easy to work with. She genuinely cares about making your special day something beautiful and memorable, and will work with you every step of the journey to make sure your flowers are exactly how you envisioned them. She knows exactly what is involved in planning a successful event within a reasonable budget, and will gladly answer any questions or queries you may have and offer advice on seasonal blooms and styles.

When Catherine’s not in the studio, you’ll find her either in the garden entertaining Oregon, her pet Macaw, in the kitchen baking some creative delight and listening to Ed Sheeran, or just spending time relaxing with her husband (probably catching up on the latest episodes of Game of Thrones).


Meet Oregon

Meet our darling Oregon; He's a one year old Hahns Macaw and my constant companion and studio buddy. While I'm busy making wedding bouquets, you'll usually find Oregon on my shoulder or busy foraging through the flower trimmings, and you'll often see him feature in photographs on our social media as he loves to be involved in everything Seb and I do. He thinks he's a great helper however his skills seem limited to eating the flowers and keeping us entertained. We're still working on his floristry skills though, and have high hopes for the future. He's constantly learning new tricks and skills, and has become fluent in a number of words and phrases, including "Hello", "Peeka-boo", and "Good boy", not to mention fake sneezing.

Hahns Macaws are the smallest breed of Macaw and are native to South America. They are a vibrant emerald green colouring with red underneath their wings, and a touch of blue above their beak. Hahns Macaws are highly intelligent and inquisitive parrots who need lots of attention and constant stimulation to keep them occupied. They have very strong beaks and can be quite destructive, and are often referred to as "Velcro birds" due to their strong attachment to their owner and their constant need for company and affection. They have a lifespan of about 35 years and are a great companion if you're up for having a psychotic toddler around for the next 35 years of your life.

You'll find Oregon to be a friendly and charming personality who loves to be social, if you ever have the chance to meet him (he sometimes comes to workshops with me). Keep up to date with his antics by following us on social media, and don't forget to show him some love!

meet the floristmeet the floristmeet the florist