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Our beautiful statement piece candelabras are a stunning addition to any wedding or event, adding a certain ambiance and glamour to it. They stand as approximately 2m tall, and are made out of a solid wrought iron. They have been freshly cleaned and repainted in a matte black paint to go with any theme. Perfect for the backdrop to your ceremony, the entrance to your reception, or on either end of the bridal table. Just $50ea ($99 for both) when also booking your wedding flowers with us. If you’ve already booked your wedding flowers elsewhere and would still love to hire our candelabras, that’s fine too! They’re priced at just $65ea, (or $130 for both). Hire extends for 3 days, so you have time to pick them up the day before, and then return them the day after.

Fish Bowls

Fish Bowls

These beautiful, classic, and elegant vases are an ever popular and timeless addition to any wedding or event. Perfect for guest table centrepieces, there are any number of ways of styling them to suit any theme or budget. They are better suited to the more traditional, round tables than the more recent trend of long banquet tables, however they are extremely versatile in their uses. They even sit nicely in the centre of a floral wreath with a pillar candle inside for something a little bit different. These vases are 19cm tall, and 22cm deep at their widest. We currently have 10 in stock (we are also able to source more if needed) and are hiring them for just $5ea when you book your flowers with us as well. If you’ve already booked your flowers elsewhere but would still like to hire the vases through us, that’s not a problem at all; they’re just $6.50ea.